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CARFAX can help you avoid a flood damaged car.


ALERT: Hurricane Sandy flooded cars along the East Coast, including major metro areas like New York City. There are concerns that many of these cars will be cleaned up and resold. Don't unknowingly buy cars flooded during Sandy, Katrina, or any other storm. Check for flood damage here first.

Worried about buying a flood-damaged used car? This flood information from CARFAX can help you identify cars reported as flood-damaged from Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy or any other major flood event. Make sure when you're buying a used car that it isn't a waterlogged wreck.

Thousands of cars are damaged by floods every year. Historically, more than 50% of these water-damaged cars get resold. Used car buyers and sellers use CARFAX to help identify problems like flood damage. A CARFAX Vehicle History Report can include information about reported flood damage, as well as salvage, total loss, odometer rollbacks, lemon cars, open recalls and much more.

If the used car you're buying was in a flood, CARFAX can help you find out for free here. To see all the information reported to CARFAX for a specific car, buy a CARFAX Vehicle History Report at